Introducing PolyCove, the innovative solution to water drainage and foundation restoration. With its cutting-edge Air-Gap Technology, PolyCove creates a waffle pattern design that effectively channels water below the surface while supporting the concrete above. By maintaining a 5/8″ gap between the footer and replacement slab, PolyCove ensures optimal water flow without compromising structural integrity.

Say goodbye to pesky sweating of concrete and costly service calls. PolyCove’s unique design eliminates resistance by removing gravel on the footer, allowing water to freely flow into the drain system. Its durable Ultra-High Molecular Weight thermoplastic material is tough enough to withstand heavy-duty construction demands, ensuring long-lasting performance.

Ideal for thin floors and high footers, PolyCove offers a hassle-free solution for restoring foundation floors to their original thickness. Simply lay it directly onto the footer and extend it over the drain system to protect weep holes and channel moisture away from the foundation wall. Say hello to a dry, stable foundation with PolyCove – the ultimate choice for efficient water drainage and foundation restoration.

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