Crawl Space Encapsulation

All Pro Basement has been a leader for over 20 years in providing Crawl Space Encapsulations and Moisture Barriers. About 20% of homes in New England have crawl spaces. A crawl space is similar to a basement, only it has exposed exterior ventilation and is usually unfinished. Anytime there is soil and earth ground below your home (most common to crawl spaces), there is a danger of moisture and harmful gases rising into your home’s joists, rafters, floor boards, and frame. Continued exposure to moisture and gases causes mold and unpleasant odors that may be harmful for you and your family.

All Pro Basement will first inspect and level your crawl space. We then install a heavy duty white foil finish membrane that does not oxidize and is completely waterproof. The membrane is overlapped and sealed with waterproof tape over the soil. We then caulk and fasten the encapsulating membrane up the foundation walls to ensure a complete moisture barrier. Our crews are meticulous when Encapsulating your crawl space to ensure no faults, holes, or breaks in the barrier. We take pride in our experience, quality products, competitive pricing, and top notch installations.

Your 100% Satisfaction and Safety are a priority for us at All Pro Basement.

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